Annual Fund Supports Faculty Development

MLWGS guidance counselors Penny
Deck (left) and Rachel Loving
The Annual Fund Campaign supports professional development for faculty, such as Guidance Counselors Penny Deck's and Rachel Loving’s participation in the Advanced Secondary School Counselors Summer Institute, which is organized by the New England Association for College Admissions Counseling (NEACAC).

So far this year, the Annual Fund Campaign has raised $243,655 for the school, which is 90% of the 270,000 goal. Overall current parent participation is 63%, and here is the parent participation by class:

• Seniors: 65%
• Juniors: 68%
• Sophomores: 62%
• Freshmen: 59%

The Governor’s School Foundation’s Annual Fund Campaign supports programs for students, grants for teacher continuing education, and special projects for facilities and equipment. To donate online, please visit