Italian Students Win National Honors

From left: Danielle Price, Julia Wells and Bailey Hall
For the first time, the Italian Program at MLWGS had several Italian I and II students participate in the National Italian Contest. MLWGS was the only high school in Virginia to participate in this competition.

Of the over 1500 students across the country who participated, 12 MLWGS students in Level IB were among the top 17 in the nation. They are:

Savannah Aigner (Richmond '15) 17th; 
Haley Herrmann (Goochland '14) and Grant Peters (Chesterfield '14) 15th; Taylor Milby (King and Queen '15) and Blaise Barsanti (Richmond '15) 14th; Karina Kunka (Powhatan '15) 13th; Noah Han (Chesterfield '15), Ben Bowers (Hanover '15) and Katie Monks (Chesterfield '14) all 10th; Robert Grayson (Richmond '14) and Carrie Hamilton (Chesterfield '15) 9th; Stephen Smith (Richmond '16) 8th. 
From left: Carrie Hamilton, Ben Han, and Ale Ragazzi

In addition to these outstanding students, Level IB student Elizabeth Levit (Henrico '15) was ranked 5th in the nation and won $50 from the American Association of Teachers of Italian.

MLWGS Level IIB students also ranked among the top students in the nation. Of the over 1500 students taking the Level IIB test the following students ranked 18th or higher, earning honorable mention for their achievement:

Joshua Pate (King and Queen '15) 18th; Elizabeth Kelley (Hanover '13) and Jonathan Burns (King and Queen '16) 17th; Emily Wright (Henrico '13) 16th Katherine Graham (Henrico '13) 12th; Ben McClure (Richmond '14) 11th Charlotte Carr (Henrico '13) 10th; Harry Hoke (Henrico '13), Eva Miller (Richmond '13), Catesby Wolski (Henrico '14), Olivia Call (Richmond '14) and Will Wickham (Richmond '14) 9th; Ella Konefal (Richmond '14) 8th; 
Alia Prasad (Henrico '13) 7th; Mary Ann Gill (Richmond '13) and Maria Garavito (Chesterfield '13) 6th. 

In addition to the above mentioned students, Alessandro Ragazzi (Richmond '15) won a cash prize of $100 for placing 4th in the nation, and Gavriel Binshtok (Richmond '14) won $150 for placing 3rd in the nation.