PTSA Announces Volunteer Awards

Two MLWGS volunteers recently won PTSA recognition with special awards for their service during the year. The Dragon's Lair Award is for the person who works behind the scenes, not necessarily in a leadership role, and The Green Dragon Award is for a visible and active member of the volunteer community.

The Dragon's Lair Award recipient for 2012- 2013 is Laura Lewis. Lewis has been a tremendous volunteer for the past four years in many capacities. If there has been an event, she has been there to help! She has been a regular volunteer with the Foundation, and PTSA, a hands-on volunteer with the Parent Connections, Hospitality and Teacher Appreciation committees, she was the head coordinator of the school’s 20th Anniversary picnic, and for the past two years Scrip representative. The PTSA thanks Lewis for her many volunteer hours!

The Green Dragon Award recipient for 2012-2013 is Marianne Macon. Macon took on the role of PTSA Advocacy chairperson this past year. She has recruited and energized countless volunteers to advocate for Maggie Walker. Endless hours have been spent working to improve the outcome of the regional school board votes for our budget. She has coordinated PTSA advocacy efforts – from Regional School Board visits with students, to legislative committees and representatives, to state and local education policymakers, and to the newly formed student advocacy group EduPAC She has demonstrated her advocacy talents and has inspired and educated the school community. The PTSA thanks Macon for her devotion and determination this year!