Senior Wins S&S Design Award

Leilia Magee (Petersburg '13) has won the annual Smoke and Scales banner design contest. Magee's innovative design, below, impressed the judges as a "well composed, asymetric design, easy to read and evocative of the subject....with the smoke and the pattern that evokes scales."

The new banner, designed by Leilia Magee ('13).

Magee's design will top Smoke and Scales from now through the end of the 2013-2014 academic year. The graduating senior will attend the College of William and Mary this fall, with plans to study an art field which she says may include magazine layout and/or photography.

The outgoing banner, shown below, has graced Smoke and Scales for the past year. It was designed by Arthur Wu ('12), who recently completed his first year at the University of Virginia.

The outgoing banner, designed by Arthur Wu ('12).