Summer SCRIP Support for MLWGS

The MLWGS PTSA has earned over $3,000 this fiscal year from the Kroger CARES program, which gives MLWGS 5% of the amount loaded onto the cards. This donation comes from MLWGS supporters who have purchased Kroger gift cards through SCRIP and have reloaded the cards during the year. 

This donation can keep flowing over the summer break: Customers can keep reloading cards at the Kroger’s service desk, using a personal credit card to earn loyalty points (frequent flyer miles or cash back) and the school still earns the 5% ScripReward of the amount added to the Kroger gift card. 

As long as the card does not carry a $0 balance for over 90 days between reloads, MLWGS PTSA will continue to receive 5% of the amount that is loaded onto the Kroger gift card.

Questions? Please contact Laura Lewis (804-360-0533), Carla Thomas (804-288-0929) or Julie Sidharta (804-673-4563).