Foundation's Fall Phonathon a Success

Thanks to many generous donors and a crack team of dedicated phonathon volunteers, the Fall Phonathon 2013 has been the most successful phonathon in Governor's School Foundation history, raising over $100,000 in gifts and pledges from nearly 400 donors. The overall goal for this year's Annual Fund Campaign is $300,000.

Thank you to volunteer callers: John Aaron, Beth Bortz, Dana Marie Buchanan, Charles Byles, Rob Comet, Rachel Downey, Irene Frentz, Marybeth Grinnan, Joyce Handy, Steve Harvey, Wayne Hausser, Aimie Jones, Cathy Jones, Doug Jones, Michael Jones, Steve Leibovic, Laura Lewis, David Maguire, Sarah Melvin, Michael Mendelson, Mark Moore, Michele Nelson, Eric Pickering, Laurie Pickering, Joan Plotkin-Han, Carla Quick, Zinie C. Sampson, Doug Scheibe, Jane Scheibe, Karen Schwartzkopf, Nancy Tynes, Henry Valentine III, and Bill Yates.

Thanks also go to the team of volunteer chefs who made home-cooked meals each of the four nights of the phonathon: Shobha Ghosh, Mi-Lin Li, Joy Moretti, and Julie Weissend.

A special thanks goes to Bill Yates, Foundation Development Committee Chair, who headed up the caller effort (and called three out of the four nights), and to Sandy Furman, Foundation Events Committee, who organized the meals.

The next step in the Annual Fund program will be the first mailed letter, which will go out in mid-October.