Senior Wins Science Scholarship

Samantha Marquez (Chesterfield ’14) has been named a Davidson Fellow Laureate by the Davidson Institute. Approximately 20 students are selected each year in a variety of areas including STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), literature, music, and philosophy, with scholarships of various amounts ($10K, $20K or $50K) to recognize their original work. The Davidson Fellowship is considered one of the three most prestigious undergraduate scholarships in the nation.

Samantha was awarded one of only two $50,000 scholarships given this year, to be used at any college of her choice. She will be recognized at the Smithsonian on Sept. 28 where she will have the opportunity to share time with the Virginia representatives in Congress. 

Samantha’s project,“Celloidosomes: A New Paradigm in the Bottom-up Assembly of Multicellular Architectures,” described her unique cell self-assembly process for bioengineering 3-dimensional tissue in a core-shell structure.