Yearbook Info for Seniors

Ordering a Yearbook

Buy Yearbooks early to save money! Prices start at $40, but they go up after Fall Festival. For an order form, see the folder outside Room 121 (once school starts) or Mr. White (Room 330). Or, buy the Yearbook online, at Find Maggie Walker's school name or enter its job number (14632) to pay via credit-card.

Senior Pictures

Senior pictures will be taken by Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits at school on Mon, Sept. 30. Tuxes and drapes will be provided. Sign up outside Room 330; those taking just the Yearbook portrait receive 2-3 poses, and it’s FREE! Students who want more (8-12) poses or informal attire must bring the $25 sitting fee. Contact Lifetouch for further information; all orders must be prepaid at the shoot. Seniors who wish to be photographed at another time should contact Lifetouch/Prestige (238-5216 or 893-4942). Students being photographed by Lifetouch/Prestige—whether at school or at the Lifetouch studios—must tell Lifetouch byWednesday, Nov. 20, which pose to include in the Yearbook.

Students who would rather be photographed for the formal Yearbook portrait at another studio must make sure that the portraits adhere to the following specifications:

a) formal dress (the drape for women, a tux top for men)

b) "midnight blue" or other standard, dark blue background (shouldn't cost extra)

c) photo should be head & shoulders, w/ bottom of frame hitting mid-chest level. Any size from Lifetouch [2-15/16" x 2-3/16" OR 2-3/16" x 1-5/8" OR 1-15/16" x 1-7/16"] is OK.

Photos from other studios are due no later than Wednesday, Nov. 20. If the Yearbook team does not have the picture by the 20th, it may be excluded from the senior section. 

Please give Mr. White a copy of the photo if it’s not from Lifetouch/Prestige (Lifetouch will send its clients’ photos directly to MLWGS). Digital images must be at least 300 dpi and can be emailed or delivered on a CD or flash drive to Mr. White. To email an image, please send a separate email to follow up and make sure Mr. White received the email. Sometimes, big files don't make it through, and Mr. White may need to provide a different email address that can handle larger images.

Senior Ads

Every year, families buy Senior Ads—personal tributes to their favorite graduates to tell them how proud they are of them, congratulate them on surviving MLWGS, encourage them in their future pursuits, and embarrass them with compromising pictures from childhood.

Yearbook pages measure 8-1/2" by 11". Ads may be purchased to cover a full page ($220), 1/2-page ($140), or 1/4-page ($80). Please make checks payable to MLWGS.

To purchase a Senior Ad, send picture(s), along with any text to include (the student's name will be inserted in the ad, as a kind of headline, but the ad may include a message, as well), to Mr. White’s attention, at MLWGS. The Yearbook staff accepts prints (please keep them loose; don’t use tape or staples) and digital files (300 dpi minimum). The Yearbook can’t accept self-created digital layouts as they tend to yield low-quality and hard-to-manipulate results. The Yearbook staff has the experience and skills to create a layout all students will be proud of.

The Yearbook staffers will use photos and text to design an attractive ad. Please indicate the size ad, your name, the name of the senior being honored, and your address and phone number or email. Submissions may be mailed, delivered to Mr. White’s mailbox in the front office, or dropped off at his desk in workroom 330. Digital images can be emailed to the address at the bottom of this page, but for large files, please send them to Mr. White on a CD or flash drive. The Yearbook editors and staff reserve the right to alter, edit, or reject photos or text due to spatial constraints or failure to comply with these guidelines.

We’ll make every effort to return submissions in early June. However, because we must send the photos to the Herff-Jones plant in Pennsylvania, we cannot guarantee that photos will not get lost, so please send high-quality copies of those precious images.

Space is limited, and submissions are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, with the final deadline for submissions on Monday, Jan. 6. Ads missing the deadline may be subject to a $15 late fee and may risk exclusion entirely. The Senior Ads section always fills up quickly, so don't delay!

Questions? Ask Mr. White, co-Editors-in-Chief Maeve Healy & Annie Wetzel or Senior Section Editor Devon Bortz.

Find Mr. White in workroom 330 (periods 2, 3 and 4) or the editors in Room 121 (7th period: Yearbook class).

Contact Mr. White at or 354-6800, ext. 3303