Library Seeks Card Donations for Appreciation Station

On Nov. 6, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, the MLWGS Library will be opening a Gratitude, Praise, and Appreciation (GPA) Station at the library circulation desk.

Think of the warm, fuzzy feeling, and the smile that twitches the corners of your mouth, when you find a happy note in your mailbox or locker, or on your desk - the Library would like to support spreading exactly that kind of cheer!

Once the GPA Station is open, that will be the place to say "thank you" to teachers, staff members, parents, or students for lending a hand, praise them for a presentation, or appreciate the way they brighten your week with their kindness. The Library will offer cards and colored paper to brighten up mailboxes, lockers, desks or backpacks. Visitors will also have the option to post notes on a physical “thank you” wall (in the library) or virtual “thank you” wall (hosted and moderated by Coach Hall, chair of the Maggie Walker Arts Department).

Parents and MLWGS supporters can help make this possible by donating blank note cards or thank you cards they may have sitting unused at home. Also consider donations of fun colored ink pens, fine-tip markers, stickers, or bright cheerful paper. Anything contributions are appreciated.

Please place donations in the designated box in the MLWGS Library.