RSB Meeting and Budget Work Session Thursday

The Regional School Board for MLWGS will meet this Thurs, Oct. 17, at 9:00am in Room 153. Important budget information will be presented to the Board at the regular meeting, and Board members will participate in a budget work session at the conclusion of the regular meeting. Both the meeting and work session are open to the public, and parents from all participating school districts are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Regional School Board votes on the amount of tuition paid by participating school districts. All districts pay the same amount per pupil. Since the 2008-2009 budget, local funding (tuition) has dropped from $8,164 to $7,072 per student. A funding proposal commissioned by the Superintendent's Steering Committee was presented at the September Regional School Board meeting. This report compared a weighted average of per pupil operating expenditures in local school districts for all K-12 education with combined state and local expenditures at Maggie Walker, which is a full day, grade 9-12 program for gifted students. The proposal suggested that Maggie Walker individual tuition was overfunded by $281.00. The Regional School Board's response to this proposal and thoughts on budget development for 2014-2015 will be aired during the budget work session on Thursday.

Detailed information on school governance and the Regional School Board can be found here. MLWGS budgets from 2008-2009 to the present are here.