Senior's Project Archived at Library of Virginia

A history project assigned to Matthew King (Henrico '14) by history teacher John Wilkes has been accepted into the Library of Virginia archives. 

King's oral history project for his advanced seminar in American Historiography focused on Mr. Terence A. Smit and his life as a soldier, farmer, and refugee who grew up in Rhodesia. Smit spent his early career on the land in Zimbabwe, and then fled to the United States following the occupation of his farm under the confiscation policies of President Robert Mugabe. The research into Rhodesian history, a horrific civil war, the emergence of an independent Zimbabwe and the destructive land policies of a modern dictator fit King's deep interests in history and world affairs. King interviewed and recorded Mr. Smit’s story for his project.

According to John D. Metz, Director of Archives Records and Collection Services, “Matt’s oral history of Mr. Smit is particularly interesting because it is perhaps the only thing we currently have in the collection documenting the life of a Zimbabwean who settled in Virginia to find a better life. It adds another facet to the dynamic story of immigration and assimilation within the Commonwealth.”