Forum Remembers MLWGS History

On Tuesday, Dec. 3 the MLWGS PTSA will be hosting a fascinating look back at how far Maggie L. Walker Governor's School has come in its first 23 years. The program will feature two founding members of the school faculty, Mr. Phil Tharp, Coordinator of Administration; and Mr. John Wilkes, Social Studies Department Chair. Two Governor's School alumnae, Ms. Michele Lord, Class of '97 and Ms. Susan Hill, Class of '98 will offer the student perspective of the early days of the Governor's School and what life was like on the 3rd Floor of Richmond's Thomas Jefferson High School.

Along with the historical perspective, fun stories and memories, there will be a presentation of the incredible transformation of Richmond's dilapidated Maggie Walker High School into the state of the art and beautiful Maggie L. Walker Governor's School of today. This presentation is a must-attend for every parent, teacher and student connected to the 14th Best High School in America.

This Dec. 3 program begins at 5:30pm in the Forum on the 3rd Floor.