Director's Update: Budget

This update focuses on the MLWGS FY15 budget.  As you may know, we are working through the development of our FY2015 budget a bit earlier than last year. This strategy serves two purposes 1) early notification to divisions of our request; and, 2) time to make adjustments based on actual state and local appropriations. In addition, budget development this year is a zero-based approach. That is, we built it from the ground up around our priorities and state mandates. Our priorities remain consistent with last fiscal year and will continue to guide us as we move through this period of fiscal constraint.

Our priorities remain:
1.       Preserve/protect curricular programming
2.       Compensation support for faculty and staff
a.      Provide 1% compensation increase
b.      VRS rate increase of 24% (mandated)
3.       Offset increasing health care costs to employees
a.      9% increase anticipated

To meet these priorities the school is advocating for an increase of $423 per student in local funding. Please know that I have been and will continue to advocate vigorously to this end. In addition, our PTSA advocacy team led by Ms. Macon and Ms. O’Brien has developed a compelling case for increased state funding and has made significant inroads at the state level. If our revenue does not increase we will be challenged to meet our priorities and will be thus faced with difficult choices pertinent to raises, health care cost control, and/or staff reductions.

While this information is disconcerting, it is important that I share it with you. I will provide additional updates as information becomes available.

Jeffrey W. McGee, Ph.D.
Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies