Economics Class Visits Fed

In late November, Dr. Oreska took his AP Macroeconomics class on a field trip to the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank to visit the "Fed Experience" exhibit -- a Federal Reserve museum about the economy for students and adult visitors. 

The class had a private tour of the exhibit and particularly enjoyed interactive activities (e.g., predicting a transaction price and participating in a "scavenger hunt" to find key information about the Fed and the economy). The class also visited the Bank's currency processing facility, where commercial banks send paper money in armored carriers to the Fed for currency processing.  The Fed checks their currency on high-speed sorting machines to see if it's clean, fit and ready for public use.  (The Fed also identifies 14 counterfeit notes on average each day and gives them to the Secret Service for follow-up.)  A highlight of the trip was a chance to meet and talk economics with the Reserve Bank's President, Jeff Lacker, whose two sons graduated from MLWGS. In sum, the class found the trip to the Fed to be an enjoyable, memorable and informative experience.