Advocacy Committee Increases Budget Awareness

The MLWGS community mustered tremendous support for the Full-Day Governor’s School “9/6” budget amendments. Although the amendments were not included in the House or Senate budgets, the House Appropriations Committee report included revisions to the Governor’s School funding study and added a deadline of Oct. 1, 2015 for completion of the report. The Senate Finance Committee recommended $302,700 in one-time bridge funding to support Virginia’s three full-day Governor’s Schools.  

The MLWGS Advocacy Committee along with Appomattox Regional Governor’s School supports the study; however, it will urge House and Senate budget conferees to move the study deadline to Oct. 2014 since both schools are experiencing acute financial difficulties. Through intense advocacy efforts at the General Assembly this session, the Committee has dramatically increased awareness of MLWGS funding needs and has built strong relationships with the key legislators. Once the study is completed, the Committee will be in an excellent position to obtain legislative support for increasing state funding for all Governor’s Schools and for addressing the inequities in the current disbursement of funding to full-day schools as compared to the part-day schools.