Exchange Students Need Host Families

In March, six high-school students, one college student (the assistant director) and one teacher from St. Petersburg will be visiting Richmond for the international Bardathon. Host families are needed for 3-4 nights, from Tuesday or Wednesday, Mar. 25 or 26, until their departure on Saturday, Mar. 29. The students are members of the English Theatrical Society. Several members of this group of actors, musicians and artists speak English, at varying levels. This group has visited multiple times in the past, host daytime responsibilities will be minimal.

In late July, two teachers and 13-15 students from School Number 5 in Rostov-on-Don will be in Richmond for about six days. Host families must be present the entire time, must have a high-school or college-age student at home at that time, and must be non-smokers. It's likely that the Russian students will know some English. 

Please contact Mr. White (354-6800, ext. 3303 or ASAP for more information.