Director's Update: Budget Report

The MLWGS finance team, school board, and superintendents began working on the school’s FY15 Proposed Budget several months ago. As proposed, the FY15 budget remains contingent on several factors (i.e., General Assembly passage of the state budget, local partners’ approved budgets, and the number of incoming freshmen). The proposed FY15 budget is built on increased revenue projections from both local partners and the state and is informed by our strategic planning process. Some highlights include:
  1. Restoration of Security Personnel
  2. 2% Salary Increase for Faculty and Staff
  3. 5% Increase in Club/Extra-curricular Stipends for Staff
  4. Meeting a 20+% Mandated Increase in Retirement Funding
  5. Increased Health Care Appropriation
  6. Increased Professional Development Funding for Teachers
  7. Increased Personnel Support in Curriculum and Instruction
  8. Increased Student Access to Instructional Technology and Support to Teachers
  9. Appropriation for Capital/Major Maintenance Needs

In addition, as you know from our recently completed course scheduling protocol, we anticipate offering the most comprehensive slate of courses in the region.

We remain cautiously optimistic pending the approval of local and state budgets. Thank you for your unending support and advocacy.

Jeffrey W. McGee, Ph.D.