Volunteers and Sponsors Drive Auction Success

"Go for the Gold!" the twelfth annual Night of the Dragon, was a golden night for the MLWGS family! The event raised over $90,000, all of which will directly benefit students through the sponsoring booster groups and organizations.

Night of the Dragon requires the direct efforts of over 100 people, and all play an important part in the success of this event. In particular, the Committee expresses sincere appreciation to the following volunteers:

  • Event co-chairs Karen Akens, Eric Rhoades & Susan King, who along with their fabulous planning committee, have worked tirelessly since last summer to make this event happen.
  • Committee members: Norm Hill, Tracy Scott, Tina Rhoades, Patti Zeevi, Amy Patina, Helen Kuno, Susan Prizzia, Kathleen Fulton, David Henderson, Carolyn Dean, Penny Moss, Diann Liptak, Laura Carr, Lisa Miles, Michelle Oppenheim, Ginger O’Neil, Megan Colson, Joy Moretti, Terri Clifton, Melissa Shaw, Sharon Soldan, Aimie Jones, Cara Metz, Erica Mindes, Swati Jantrania, Magdalena Tahamtani, Nidhi Kandelwhal, Cathy Temple, Janet Gay, Barbara Hass, Samantha Mier, Karen Miller, Tracey Moody, Ivy Pressendo, Radhika Shekharan, and Sally Shultz.
  • Day/evening-of volunteers included an army of students in addition to twenty plus parents who assisted with everything from set-up to check-out and all that goes on in between.
  • Alumni parent Bart Mebane for the development and ongoing support of the auction management software.
  • Special thanks to Justin Wilck and Raleigh Browne for providing entertainment and to Michael Zeevi for compiling the background music.
  • MLWGS staff offered continued support, especially Valenta Williams, Portia Chan, Eva Boegner, Hal Waller and the Governor's Schoool Foundation office volunteers who assisted with many aspects of the auction.
  • Generous donors, including MLWGS students and staff, and businesses in the community who provided over 400 items to be auctioned (donors are listed in the auction program).
  • The 400 parent, grandparent, and community member attendees and buyers, whose financial support makes this evening a success.
  • And last, but certainly not least, the vendor and corporate sponsors, who make this event a possibility!
Mark your calendars and save the date for next year's event - Feb. 28, 2015!