Annual Fund Supports Alumni Showcase

The Second Alumni Showcase took place on Friday, Apr. 4. Sponsored by the Governor's School Foundation and Alumni Office, the Showcase started in 2011 as a way of marking the 20th anniversary of GSGIS/MLWGS, with alumni returning to the school to offer their career and life perspectives to current students. The goal is to increase alumni engagement with the school, connect directly with current students and teachers, and demonstrate the impact of Maggie Walker on alumni lives and careers. 

This year, roughly 40 alumni from around the country and world gave 5-10 minute presentations to and engaged in discussions with current students on the paths their life and work took after Maggie Walker, offering everything from exposure to advice on different career trajectories.

This years panelists included Mohammad Alavi ‘98, Sarah Beck-Berman ‘05, Steve Bryant ‘95, Jeanette Carter ‘10, Kate DiPasquale ‘00, Roshelle Kades ‘05, Monique Kimani ‘03, Rasheeda Matthews ‘95, Eric Nielsen ‘03, Monita Patel ‘98, Stewart Sibert ‘04, Danny Wysong ‘03, Thomas Cunningham ‘01, Matt Davis ‘95, Micah Edwards ‘97, Steven Funes ‘09, Christie Harrison ‘02, Ashley Holmes ‘01, Tommy Nicholas ‘07, Erin Ortiz ‘06, Alan Parker ‘01, Johnetta Pressley ‘99, Khiem Tran ‘06, Danny Yates ‘09, Christian Tharp ‘03, Shira Lanyi ‘05, Charles Merritt ‘03, Catie Huennekens ‘01, Mala Kumar ‘03, Matthew Carter ‘95, Laura Clark ‘00, Charles Martin ‘99, Crystal Robens ‘96, Amy Rector ‘99, Bryce Lyle ‘99, Sarya Sok ‘98, Amy Weiss ‘03, and Dan Lee ‘01.

The Showcase Committee was co-chaired by David Holland ’98 and Sana Khalid ’98 and included Bryce Lyle ’99, Erin Ortiz ’06, Sarya Sok ’98, and Amy Weiss ’03. 

To read more about the alumni who participated in the showcase, please click here.

So far this year, the Annual Fund Campaign has raised $303,332 for the school. Overall current parent participation is 62%, and here is the parent participation by class:

• Seniors: 68%
• Juniors: 62%
• Sophomores: 60%
• Freshmen: 63%

The Governor’s School Foundation’s Annual Fund Campaign supports programs for students , grants for teacher continuing education, and special projects for facilities and equipment. To donate online, please click here.