Conservation Tips for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, today, Apr. 22, the MLWGS SECCSE 350 Environmental Club offers a few tips to help save our Earth:

Did you know showering for just one less minute can save five gallons of water? Take short showers instead of long baths to save water. Also, don't forget to turn off faucets when finished using water.

Did you know, that in the US alone, Americans use 1500 plastic disposable water bottles per second, and 80% of these end up in a landfill? Using reusable water bottles not only saves money but also saves the Earth.

Instead of brown bags and disposable plastic bags, use lunchboxes and Tupperware containers. These not only save you money but also help to save the Earth.

Did you know, every year, each American uses, on average, seven trees worth of paper? There are simple ways to help solve this problem. Recycling, printing double sided, and using GOOS paper ("good on one side") all help save the Earth.

In the average person's lifetime, they will dispose of 600 times their own weight in waste! Most of that waste is actually recyclable. Make sure to follow these tips throughout the year!