Foundation Supports Alumni Get Together

The Governor's School Foundation supports Alumni Events like last week's DC Alumni Chapter Event at the Science Club Restaurant in Washington, DC. Adam Moore '98 , President of the DC Alumni Chapter, hosted a group of over 30 alumni and friends. Pat Taylor (former Curriculum Coordinator at MLWGS) and Hal Waller (Foundation and Alumni Office Chief Development Officer) represented MLWGS at the event.

So far this year, the Foundation's Annual Fund Campaign has raised $359,672 for the school. Overall current parent participation is 67%, and here is the parent participation by class:

• Seniors: 75%
• Juniors: 66%
• Sophomores: 65%
• Freshmen: 67%

The Governor’s School Foundation’s Annual Fund Campaign supports programs for students, grants for teacher continuing education, classroom instructional enhancements, and special projects for facilities and equipment.

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