Italian Students Ace National Exams

The Italian Program at MLWGS is proud to announce the names of the Italian I and Italian II students who participated in the National Italian Contest and scored in the top national rankings. MLWGS is the only high school in Virginia to participate in this competition. 

Of the over 1700 students across the country who participated, MLWGS had 12 students in Level  IB who were among the top 15 in the nation. 

Level  I A
2nd in the nation:              Raleigh Browne (awarded $200)
Level  II B
3rd in the nation:               Elizabeth Levit (awarded $150)
4th in the nation:               Noah Han (awarded $100)
Level  III B
4th in the nation:               Alessandro Ragazzi (awarded $100)

Honorable Mention
Level I A
14th in the nation:             Bailey Dunn
Level I B
9th in the nation:              Maria Tahamtani
10th in the nation:             Jack Miller
                                        Devon Bortz
                                        Piper Shifflett
                                        Zoe Nelson
12th in the nation:             James Banta
                                        Alexandra Norman
13th in the nation:             Evan Fisher
14th in the nation:             Lyla Rossi
                                        Natalie Weinberg
                                        Mariah Macon
                                        Lori Horning
Level II A
9th in the nation:              Carrie Hamilton
Level II B
7th in the nation                Stephen Smith
9th in the nation:               Bennett Bowers
                                        Katherine Monks
11th in the nation:             Danielle Price
                                        Savannah Aigner
13th in the nation:             Blaise Barsanti
15th in the nation:             Karina Kunka
Level III B
6th in the nation:               Olivia Call
7th in the nation:               Gavriel Binshtok