SCRIP Program a Success

As of April, MLWGS has earned over $7,500 simply from the purchase of SCRIP gift cards. Included in this impressive amount is over $3,000 from the KROGER CARES program, which gives the school 5% of the amount loaded onto the cards. 

Parents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty and friends of MLWGS have helped support the Dragon community with this critical fund-raiser.

This summer MLWGS will continue with the KROGER CARES program. Customers can keep reloading their Kroger gift cards throughout the summer months. As long as the card does not carry a $0 balance for over 90 days between reloads, MLWGS will continue to receive 5% of the amount that is loaded onto the Kroger gift card.

For questions or more information about SCRIP contact Patty Wood @ 364-9263 or Patty Zeevi @ 784-2966.