Congratulations, Seniors!

The time has come for the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School community to bid farewell and best wishes to the Class of 2014! It has been a truly remarkable four years since these students began their high school journeys as bright-eyed freshmen and now prepare to embark upon the next phase as young adults finding their way in the world.

To find out what’s on the horizon for most of them, click the link below:

Abbey, Emily - William & Mary
Akers, Samuel - Rice University
Aldridge, Matthew - University of Virginia
Alexander, Colin - James Madison University
Allen, Zachary - NC State
Anderson, Kelsey - University of South Carolina
Bailey, Alexandra - William & Mary
Banta, Daisy - Williams College
Barksdale, Sydney - William & Mary
Bartle, Danny - Longwood University
Benos, Christopher - University of Virginia
Binshtok, Gavriel - William & Mary
Blake, Robert - University of Mary Washington
Bland, Anne Carter - University of Virginia
Bone, Jamie - George Mason University
Booth, George - William & Mary
Bose, Zubin - Virginia Tech
Bragg, Erin - Hollins University
Broussard, Grant - UNC-Chapel Hill
Brower, Admiral - William & Mary
Buddiga, Gowri - William & Mary
Burns, Jonathan - Old Dominion University
Bush, Michael - US Naval Academy
Byrd, Virginia - William & Mary
Call, Olivia - James Madison University
Carney, Kathryn - Virginia Commonwealth University
Casey, Patrick - Virginia Tech
Chemweno, Cherotich - Emerson College
Chen, Casey - George Mason University
Chenault, Grayson - Virginia Commonwealth University
Chu, Erika - University of Virginia
Clarke, Vasa - University of Virginia
Clayton, David - University of Richmond
Coffey, Georgina - Emerson College
Conte, Lucy - University of Virginia
Creasey, Harvey - Virginia Tech
Davis, Stephen - University of Virginia
Dishman, Sarah - UNC-Chapel Hill
Drummond, Andrew - University of Pennsylvania
Dwyer, Grace - University of Virginia
Dwyer, Stephen - University of Virginia
Everette, Meridyth - Baylor University
Finn, Gordon - University of South Carolina
Fleckenstein, Alex - University of Virginia
Flynn, Leigh - Virginia Tech
Fricke, Jeanetta - Duquesne University
George, Joby - University of Virginia
Goggin, Leah - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Goodpasture, Eliza - Bowdoin College
Goodwin, Christian - University of Virginia
Grayson, Robert - Virginia Tech
Greene, Parker - Virginia Commonwealth University
Greer, William - Northwestern University
Gurewitz, Charles - St. John's University
Hall, Bailey - William & Mary
Hargis, Lily - Boston University
Harvey, Allison - University of Virginia
Healy, Maeve - Georgetown University
Herrmann, Haley - University of Virginia
Hickman, Rachel - Auburn University
Howells, Alexandra - Connecticut College
Huang, Reyna - University of Virginia
Hwang, Stephanie - University of Virginia
Illmensee, Nathan - Traveling abroad
Jantrania, Nirali - University of Virginia
Johnson, DaJon - Hampton University
Jones, Emilie - Northwestern University
Jones, Harrison - Virginia Commonwealth University
Jordan-Lord, Madeleine - University of Richmond
Kalten, Darren - Virginia Tech
Kaperick, Bryan - Virginia Tech
Kennedy, Liam - University of Virginia
Khan, Aateeb - Duke University
Kim, Cheryne - University of Virginia
King, Matthew - Duke University
Koch, Austin - University of South Carolina
Konefal, Ella - University of Pennsylvania
Kunkel, William - University of Maryland College Park
Laroche, Alexandra - University of Alabama
Lashley, Erica - James Madison University
Li, Richard - University of California, Berkeley
Li, Xiaoqi - University of Virginia
Lynch, Matthew - George Mason University
Lyons, Hannah - University of Virginia
Lytle, Stuart - Virginia Commonwealth University
Marcy, Michael - Virginia Tech
Marquez, Samantha - Yale University
Marrs, Livia - William & Mary
Mayock, Jackson - Virginia Commonwealth University
McClure, Benjamin - University of South Carolina
McMillin, Loren - University of South Carolina
Miles, Jillian - George Washington University
Miles, Madeleine - University of Virginia
Mills, Barrett - William & Mary
Monks, Katherine - Washington and Lee
Moore, Dana - William & Mary
Morris, Michael - University of Virginia
Myers, Timothy - William & Mary
Neal, Mackenzie - William & Mary
Neighbors, Ryan - University of Virginia
Oliver, John - Virginia Commonwealth University
Oppenheim, Ryan - William & Mary
Owens, Allison - University of Virginia
Panak, Claire - Catholic University of America
Parker, Aidan - University of Michigan
Peters, Grant - Virginia Tech
Phares, Anna - UNC-Chapel Hill
Pollard, Katherine - University of Virginia
Price, Danielle - University of Virginia
Quan, Linh - William & Mary
Ramsbottom, Abigail - Stetson University
Rasich, Benjamin - Rice University
Reardon, Hunter - Auburn University
Regalado Bernal, Keyko - Northwestern University
Reichert, Matthew - University of Virginia
Reid, Moses - Radford University
Rogers, Linwood - University of Pittsburgh
Rollins, Ariana - Stanford University
Rollins, Kent - William & Mary
Ross, Shaakira - Full-time employment
Sada, Cyan - Full-time employment
Sadler, Elizabeth - Virginia Tech
Sandlin, Kevin - Virginia Commonwealth University
Schweiker, Richard - University of Virginia
Sengupta, Annesha - New York University
Shelley, Madeleine - University of Pittsburgh
Sizemore, Mallari - Thomas Nelson Community College
Stafflinger, Leianna - University of Virginia
Stewart, Tiyanna - Howard University
Strait, Kathryn - University of Virginia
Studdard, Kynan - Temple University
Swecker, Caitlin - Virginia Tech
Tarry, Cameron - Duke University
Taylor, Alex - University of Virginia
Tekriwal, Yash - University of Virginia
Tembe, Shweta - University of Virginia
Thielsch, Colin - University of Virginia
Thompson, Heather - University of Virginia
Tombes, Nathaniel - Catholic University of America
Tormey, James - Virginia Commonwealth University
Vrana, Dylan - Carnegie Mellon University
Wake, Lella - Northeastern University
Watson, Richard - William & Mary
Webb, Katherine - William & Mary
Weimer, Desirae - US Air Force
Weinstock, Aaron - University of Virginia
Wells, Julia - Virginia Tech
West, Tierah - Virginia Commonwealth University
Wetzel, Anne - William & Mary
Wickham, William - Oberlin College
Williams, Abigail - William & Mary
Wolfe, Elizabeth - William & Mary
Wolski, Catesby - Georgetown University
Woody, Jalen - J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
Worthington, Eleanor - William & Mary
Xu, Lauren - High Point University
Yeudall, Duncan - Christopher Newport University
Yoo, Angela - University of Virginia
Yoo, Hwasung - University of Richmond
Yuan, Kevin - Georgetown University
Zhan, Leon - University of Virginia
Ziegler, Logan - Villanova University