Volunteer Awards Announced

Two MLWGS volunteers recently won PTSA recognition with special awards for their exemplary service during the 2013-2014 academic year. The Dragon's Lair Award is for a person who works behind the scenes, not necessarily in a leadership role, and The Green Dragon Award is for a visible and active member of the volunteer community.

The Dragon’s Lair Award recipient for 2013-2014 is Nidhi Khandalwal. Khandalwal is the epitome of an ideal volunteer; humble, hard-working and effective. An outstanding parent on the Robotics team, her behind the scenes role included, but was not limited to, coordinating meals and snacks during build seasons, trainings and competitions, organizing competition trips including transportation, hotels, meals, chaperones, recordkeeping, and being the overall go-to parent. Khandalwal also served as the Auction Rep for Music Boosters this year, as well as the point person who secured the Faculty Lounge Lizards to play for the entire Maggie Walker community at Dogwood Dell following the Senior Baccalaureate Service on Jun. 12.

The Green Dragon Award recipient for 2013-2014 is Michelle Oppenheim. She exemplifies selflessness and generosity. A very active member of the Auction Committee for the last four years, Oppenheim was always willing to do whatever needed to be done. She also went far above the call of duty, coordinating all of the drama productions this year. In addition to her duties as president of Drama Boosters, she filled in as club sponsor and technical director many times, staying with the students late into the night, working on set construction, rehearsals, technical issues and performances. She has been instrumental in getting drama classes back on the school course list and has worked tirelessly arranging volunteers, raising money and supporting Maggie Walker Drama.