Week of January 16, 2019


On Tuesday, February 5 from 12:45-2:45pm all juniors and their parents are invited to attend “College Kick-Off 2019” in the auditorium at Maggie Walker. We will hear presentations from college admissions officers representing the University of Mary Washington, Davidson College, University of Richmond, Radford University, University of South Carolina, and the College of William and Mary, followed by a time for general questions and answers about college admissions. After the program, parents are invited to continue the conversation with the college representatives and Maggie Walker staff members in room 153.


Stress is a something that every high school student experiences but there are effective ways to manage it. Lisa Ebeling, MLWGS School Psychologist, and Stephanie Violante from the VCU Anxiety Clinic are pairing together to run a small group on dealing with this common issue. Students will be given the opportunity to learn and practice stress management techniques. They will be able to learn new ways to approach and solve problems. It is also designed to address any topics that are of special interest to the students. The group will run for a minimum of six weeks and could be offered for up to twelve weeks depending on interest. It will start on February 7 during lunch and will run consecutively on Thursdays until it is complete. If you would like to have your child participate, please call Lisa Ebeling at 354-6800 x 3260 or email her at lebeling@gsgis.k12.va.us with this information.


Congrats to the following 9th graders for making it into Central Regional Orchestra this past Saturday. They will perform in the event the first weekend in February.  All students who auditioned made it into the top orchestra!

Eric Qian (Chesterfield '22) Principal 2nd Violin (5th overall, which is amazing)
Jack Simmons (Chesterfield '22) 11th Chair 2nd Violin
Pooja Muthraj (Henrico '22) 12 Chair 2nd Violin
Sam Lichtman (Henrico '22) Principal Viola
Matthew Klausner (Chesterfield '22) Principal Cello

Way to represent the front row!

Christina Sienkiewicz
Orchestra Director


Thank you to the 24% of current parents who have supported the MLWGS Foundation Annual Fund so far this year! As of January 9, 2019, we have raised $130,514, which will help us meet our enhancement grant commitment of $189,050 to the school. There are so many amazing Foundation-funded opportunities coming up for students this winter and spring! You can support them by making your gift here.