Week of December 2, 2014


The December 2, 2014, 5:30PM MLWGS PTSA program on Academic Balance: Dual Enrollment, AP, Honors, and Plus with Mr. Karl Zweernick has been RESCHEDULED to February 2, 2015, 5:30 p.m.

Mark your calendars now for the upcoming PTSA program Mental Wellness: Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, and Exercise with Dr. Michael Southam-Gerow on January 21, 2015, 8:00 a.m!


The Annual Fund Campaign supports classroom instructional enhancements like providing the English classes with an internet subscription to vocabulary.com. The Foundation also provided funding for the purchase of copies of Lee Smith's book Guests on Earth. This award-winning author will be visiting the school in March.

So far this year, the Annual Fund Campaign has raised $107,008 for the school. Overall current parent participation is 19%, and here is the parent participation by class:

• Seniors: 27%
• Juniors: 21%
• Sophomores: 22%
• Freshmen: 8%

The Governor’s School Foundation’s Annual Fund Campaign supports programs for students, grants for teacher continuing education, and special projects for facilities and equipment. To donate online, please click here.


The MLWGS Chess team is hosting a FREE chess clinic on Monday, December 8 from 5-8 p.m. Grandmaster Sergey Erenburg will be running a simultaneous chess exhibition. All scholastic chess players are welcome!


The MLWGS MUSIC BOOSTERS will meet on Wednesday, December 3, at 6:00 p.m. in the Music Room. 

Please contact Leslie Hausser, Music Boosters President, at lahmeems@comcast.net, with any questions.


Audiences raved about the MLWGS Drama production of You Can’t Take It With You, which closed after a three-night run on Saturday, November 22. Theatergoers delighted in this zany twist on the classic ‘boy meets girl’ story, set in 1930’s New York. Proving that great comedy endures, those in attendance laughed raucously at the combination of pithy dialogue, madcap antics, and homespun wisdom that permeates the play.

Alice Sycamore (Mary-Dryden Maio) is newly engaged to the boss’s son Tony Kirby, Jr. (Sam Martin), and trying desperately to keep him from seeing just how nutty her family is. Despite her well-laid plans, Tony and his family appear at the most inopportune time to witness a typical Sycamore family evening.
  • Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff (Naomi Vickers), when not attending a college commencement, hunting snakes, practicing darts, evading income taxes, or having a midnight rendezvous with the local beat cop, doles out pearls of wisdom nestled between the silly shenanigans of Alice’s family.
  • Her mother, Penny Sycamore (Gwyneth Sholer), flits between being a playwright, painter, matchmaker and party hostess/emcee.
  • Her father Paul was played by MLWGS favorite comic actor, John Libby. When not playing with his toy boat, Paul is in constant danger of blowing up the family residence with his basement fireworks manufacturing business.
  • Paul’s partner, Mr. De Pinna (played by MLWGS drama newcomer Sam Hopper), is the ice man, adopted one day eight years prior and now as much a part of the Sycamore family as the living room furniture.
  • Penny Sycamore’s sister Essie (Coly Elhai) is an accomplished candy maker but prefers to devote most of her energy to ballet, an art for which she obviously has no talent.
  • Essie’s husband, Ed Carmichael (Evan Heiter), provides the piano accompaniment for Essie’s dancing delivery service for her candy business and serves as everyone’s gofer and errand boy. In between, he prints anything that comes to mind (Dynamite the White House! Dynamite the Capitol! God is the State, the State is God!) and tucks it into the candy boxes.
Throw in two perfectly mismatched maids, Donna and Rheba (Genna Markee and Shelbie Dunivan), Essie’s vocally anti-communist Russian ballet teacher, Mr. Kholenkov (Brannon Linder), a drunken actress Penny picked up on a bus (Hanna Polaski), and Grand Duchess turned waitress Olga Katrina (Emma Bilski) and you have the perfect foil for Tony’s parents, the stiff-necked, upper crusty Anthony and Miriam Kirby, (Jackson Downey and Elizabeth Hayes). An evening of awkward interaction leads both families to discover far more about themselves than they bargained for, and some unexpected mayhem leads to a night in jail for both clans. What we learn in the aftermath is that family, even a nutty one, means more than anything.

Under the direction of Matt Polson and stage managed by the team of Abby Dallas and Cece D’Arville, the actors gave three impeccable performances. Freshman Mary-Dryden Maio was charming and adorable as Alice. In the play’s most serious scene, Sam Martin and Jackson Downey delivered a profound performance as father and son seeing each other as they truly are for the first time. Naomi Vickers once again carried off the gender and age change convincingly and with a style all her own. Gwyneth Sholer constantly tickled the audience with perfectly delivered lines and the breezy, confident stage presence that has become her trademark. Following a script highly dependent on perfect timing and sharp delivery, the entire cast was crisp, lively and witty.

The actors returned on Sunday for the somewhat somber tasks of striking the set, putting away the props, and closing the book on You Can’t Take It With You. MLWGS students and faculty look forward to the next drama event. Following on this highly successful production, Director Matt Polson and Producer Carol Piersol, will collaborate again for the musical Into The Woods, playing March 2015 at Maggie Walker.


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