Week of January 13, 2021

Sophomores: PSAT News

The scheduled Jan. 26 PSAT administration for MLWGS sophomores has been postponed due to public health and safety concerns. At the recommendation of our local regional representative of the College Board, we will administer the PSAT 10 test during a day in April to be determined. The PSAT 10 is identical to the PSAT/NMSQT but is only available for 10th graders and offers more flexibility in scheduling options.

We apologize for the change, but feel this is the right thing to do in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. More information will be sent out to families once an April date is selected.

Juniors: Seminar/Mentorship Choice

All juniors must make their decision regarding whether they will be enrolling in a seminar or applying to the mentorship program for their senior year. In December, each junior was admitted to a Schoology group called “The Class of 2022 Senior Seminar/Mentorship Information Group.” All juniors and their parents should visit this Schoology group to learn more about the Senior Seminar Program. This Schoology group provides descriptions of the seminar courses, mentorship application information, and deadlines for the decision-making process. If you have questions after visiting Schoology, please email Les Cook, the Senior Seminar/Mentorship Coordinator. The deadline for making the decision and ranking seminars is Monday, Jan. 18.

Seniors: Yearbook Ads

The Senior yearbook ad deadline is fast approaching! Please contact Yearbook Adviser Michael White for further information.