Week of December 16, 2014


The next meeting of the MLWGS Regional School Board is this Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 9am in Room 153. Please attend. Here is more information about the Board including links to Thursday’s agenda and past minutes. The MLWGS Regional School Board is responsible for approving the budget.

Local and state underfunding of MLWGS persists. Local funding for MLWGS students has dropped more than 10% over the past five years. VRS and healthcare costs have increased substantially. Outdated textbooks, inadequate technology equipment and staffing, aging facilities, added costs due to VHSL 2A travel, increased teacher workloads, noncompetitive salaries, and reductions in field trips and course offerings continue to be major challenges for the school. The Regional School Board’s upcoming decision on a long-term capital improvement contract may further deplete school reserves (savings).

At the state level, PTSA Advocacy is also pursuing a revision of the state funding formula for all Governor’s  Schools. Here is a recent Governor’s School funding study conducted by the Secretary of Education which finds that funding for Governor’s Schools is not based on any specific staffing or cost standard that relates to best practice or actual cost of the program.

Interested in learning more?  Please contact PTSA Advocacy Co-Chairs Marianne Macon,mnmacon@gmail.com or Laura O’Brien, prable@comcast.net


The MLWGS Counseling Department is still awaiting receipt of PSAT score reports.  On Friday December 12, the College Board stated that MLWGS PSAT score results were still being processed and had not yet been shipped.  MLWGS is aware that some other area schools have received their score reports.   College Board has indicated that score reports are shipped out in batches and that MLWGS’s could be sent with a batch in the middle of the week of December 15.  Unfortunately, this means it is unlikely that PSAT score results will be available before the winter break.  If the scores do arrive before break begins, the counseling department will prioritize score distribution to juniors so that they may begin preparing for SATs over winter break.  Otherwise, scores will be distributed during lunchtime assemblies in January.


The Winter Choral/Orchestra Concert will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, December 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium. The cost to attend is cost is $5 at the door. Concert reception immediately follows the performance. Please plan to attend.

Please contact Leslie Hausser, Music Boosters President, at lahmeems@comcast.net, with any questions.


Reshini Premaratne (’16, Henrico) was chosen as a finalist in the running for the Richmond Snow Queen. Now, she needs the help of the MLWGS community. Please click on the link below and scroll down to the "VOTE NOW!" button to choose Reshini as the next Snow Queen. If she garners the most votes, Reshini will become the Richmond Snow Queen and a representative of Maggie Walker in the community. Voting ends on December 24th, so please vote and share the link! It is an easy way to support a MLWGS dragon and her endeavors! Here is the link: www.c-mor.org/snow-queen-main.


The latest newsletter is available HERE!


Congratulations to Zachary King ('15, Hanover) for winning the Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition with his performance of the first movement of the Carl Stamitz Clarinet Concerto in B-Flat Minor No. 3.


Just a quick reminder before doing that last-minute shopping don't forget to register with the following stores to earn cash for our school.  It’s easy, doesn’t cost anything, and still gives the same discounts and offers that keep you shopping. 

Kroger’s Community Rewards  
Register your Kroger Plus card online at  krogercommunityrewards.com
*If you use a phone number at the register call 800-576-4377 - Option 4 to get your Kroger Plus number.

Martin’s  A+ School Rewards
To register your card, change the school or add a school (up to 2):
Log on to www.martinsfoods.com/aplus and designate our school ID #03112 using your BONUSCARD.  Or send your Last Name, Phone Number and the 11-digit BONUSCARD number (starting with 48) to mlwgspartners@gmail.com.

Target – Take Charge of Education
Go to www.target.com/tcoe.  Enter your Redcard number and follow the directions. Our school account is104517. 

Amazon Smile – Supports MLWGS Athletic Boosters
Go to smile.amazon.com from your computer or smartphone and follow the directions from there.

Questions/Problems? – email mlwgspartners@gmail.com.


Friday, December 19, is the last day to purchase a 2015 yearbook for $50! After the 19th, the price will go up to $55, where it will stay for the rest of the school year. Yearbook order forms may be obtained outside Room 121. You can also order online at www.yearbookordercenter.com. Find our school’s name or type in our job number (14632) to place a credit-card order for no extra charge!

It’s not too late to buy a Senior Ad in the Yearbook to honor a beloved MLWGS graduate! Ads may be purchased to cover a full page ($220), 1/2-page ($140), or 1/4-page ($80). Please make checks payable to MLWGS. To purchase a Senior Ad, please email Yearbook Adviser Michael White (mwhite@gsgis.k12.va.us), and he will send the specs. The deadline for submission is Friday, January 23, 2015. A check can hold the spot now, but the MLWGS Yearbook will need all materials by January 23. Order now while there’s still space!

Club sponsors:  please inform clubs of the date and time of the picture and encourage full participation. Club sponsors are strongly encouraged but not required to attend; attendance can help prevent interlopers, so please be there, if at all possible.

If a club is not on this list, then it is not an official, active club, according to the MLWGS administration. Please address concerns to Coach Hawkins or Mr. Tharp if a club was inadvertently left off this list.

  • All photos will be shot on the bleachers in the gym at lunch.
  • Please be prompt.
  • Club members MAY but are NOT REQUIRED to bring signs indicating club identity.
  • In the event of school cancellation due to inclement weather, ANY DAYS MISSED WILL BE RESCHEDULED. For example, if we’re out of school on Monday, January 5, then that day’s clubs will be rescheduled, but the clubs scheduled for Tuesday, January 6, will KEEP THEIR DATE AND TIMES.

Monday, December 15
Note: There will be NO PSAT meeting today, so these photos will proceed as normal.
11:40: English NHS
11:45: Spanish Club & Honor Society
11:50: Peer Mentors
11:55: Russian Club & SLAVA: Russian Honor Society
12:00: Academic Quiz Bowl
12:05: Club Asia
12:10: Chinese NHS

Tuesday, December 16
Note: Today’s PSAT meeting is for JUNIORS only and will likely be over by 11:45, so these photos will proceed as planned.
11:40: Chess
11:45: Freshman AND Sophomore Class Officers (separate)
11:50: Debate
11:55: SCA officers AND Honor Council (separate)
12:00: Young Democrats AND Young Republicans (separate, obviously)
12:05: Forensics
12:10: Junior AND Senior Class Officers (separate)

Wednesday, December 17
Note: There will be NO PSAT meeting today, so these photos will proceed as normal.
11:40: Key Club
11:45: ASL Club & Honor Society
11:50: TSA
11:55: Japanese Club & Honor Society
12:00: Lifesmarts
12:05: Latin/Classical Club & Honor Society
12:10: Jabberwock

Thursday, December 18
Note: There will be NO PSAT meeting today, so these photos will proceed as normal.
11:40: French Club & Honor Society
11:45: Math Contest
11:50: German Club & Honor Society
11:55: Math Modeling
12:00: Italian Club & Honor Society
12:05: History Bowl
12:10: SADD

If the PSAT meetings are held in January, any affected days will be moved to January 20 or 21. Announcements will be made.

Monday, January 5
11:40: Science NHS
11:45: Fine Arts Club & Honor Society
11:50: Tri-M Music Honor Society
11:55: Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society
12:00: Robotics
12:05: NHS-Seniors
12:10: Model UN

Tuesday, January 6
11:40: We the People
11:45: NHS-Juniors
11:50: Thomas Jefferson History NHS
11:55: Civics Society AND B-Movie (separate)
12:00: Environmental Club
12:05: SECSEE 350 AND Esoterica (separate)
12:10: Peer Helpers

Wednesday, January 7
11:40: Model Government/Princeton Model Congress
11:45: USB and Hacky Sack (separate)
11:50: Arabic
11:55: EDM and NeuroPsi (separate)
12:00: Appalachian Heritage Music
12:05: Earth & Mind AND Dodgeball  (separate)
12:10: EduPac

Thursday, January 8
11:40: Culinary AND Deadbeats (separate)
11:45: Drama Club & ITS
11:50: FBLA and Futsal (separate)
11:55: FCS and Investment (separate)
12:00: Future Medical Professionals
12:05: Modern Dance AND Origami (separate)
12:10: Red Cross

Monday, January 12
11:40: Foreign Affairs AND Future Problem Solvers (separate)
11:45: Katie’s Company
11:50: Music Orchard AND Global Citizen Corps (separate)
11:55: Green Machine
12:00: International Dance AND Ping-Pong (separate)
12:05: Gender/Sexual Minority Alliance
12:10: Programming AND Project Happy Face (separate)

Tuesday, January 13
11:40: HOLA and Voice International (separate)
11:45: Mu Upsilon Sigma
11:50: Olde School Ballistics and SAGE (separate)
11:55: Photography
12:00: Richmonds of the World AND Satire (separate)
12:05: SAT Prep Club AND Didgeridoo (separate)
12:10: Poetry AND Frisbee (separate)

Wednesday, January 14
11:40: Student Pugwash
11:45: Chorus
11:50: Young Libertarians/Students for Liberty
11:55: Jazz Band
12:00: RAMPS
12:05: Orchestra
12:10: Backgammon AND Dragons for Vets (separate)

Thursday, January 15
11:40: Young Writers Association AND Literary Magazine (separate)
11:45: Dance Team
11:50: Equestrian Riding AND Invisible Children (separate)
11:55: Newtowne Tutoring
12:00: Random Acts of Kindness AND Habitat for Humanity (separate)
12:05: Science Fiction AND Write Thing to Do (separate)
12:10: Knitting

Monday, January 19: NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, January 20 and Wednesday, January 21


Summer Residential Governor’s Schools for Sophomores and Juniors

Applications are now available for the Summer Residential Governor’s Schools. These programs provide opportunities for gifted high school students to explore professional and university environments through mentorships and academic enrichment. Information and applications can be found at http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/governors_school_programs/summer_residential/ for academic and mentorship programs, and http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/foreign_language/language_academies/index.shtml for the foreign language academies. Please see Ms. Davis for additional information about application process and deadlines.

VCU Programs and Opportunities

After-school Program:
Project ACEe - pre-health focus on medicine, academic skills and prep

  • Eligibility: Current Juniors and Seniors
  • Program Duration: Fridays, starting January - April
  • Application Requirements: Online application with personal statement, official transcript, 1 letter of recommendation from science teacher and 1 letter from guidance counselor:  due 12/12/14
Non-Residential Summer Programs:
Open to a variety of grade levels, each program focuses on a specific career field, offering hands-on instruction & information about preparing for these fields now.

The High School Diplomats (HSD) program brings American high school students together at Princeton University for a 10-day cultural and educational exchange program with students from Japan. Current sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply and Japanese language familiarity/experience is not a pre-requisite. For more information about HSD, please visit www.highschooldiplomats.com. Application deadline is January 7, 2015.

The Cochrane Summer Economics Institute is a five-week work/study program for rising high school seniors. The program provides an introduction to economics, business, networking, and a variety of job/career choices through a combination of classroom work, community service, and internship experience. Applications will be available at www.powellinfo.org 
starting on December 1, 2014. Application and essay must be submitted by January 16, 2015.


‘Tis holiday season
So let us be lyrical!
We’ll change up our sales pitch
(But maintain the satirical).

If gifts you should need
For neighbors or cousins
Come drop by the Lair
We have a few (dozens).

From sweatshirts warm
To pajama pants snuggly
In our spirit apparel
You’ll look sharp, not ugly.

And gifts and accessories
And tchotchkes and bling
All kinds of drink tumblers
Ornaments on green string

Pens, pins and totes!
Stretchy swim caps!
Take your school to the pool
And do a few laps.

Dragon Shirts! Comfy Jackets!
Smart Ties! Cool Gym Shorts!
Our staff will assist you
With all types and sorts

Of purchases which –
By the time you are done –
Will finish your shopping
Before others’ve begun.

So swing by on Tuesday
Or Friday at lunch,
And these special hours
To help your time crunch:

Monday 12/15 8pm - after the winter concert
Wednesday 12/17 8pm - after the winter concert
Thursday 12/19 ALL DAY BLITZ - shop til you drop!   8:30 - 3:30
(Yeah, like I’m gonna try and rhyme all of that.  As if.)

Check our stuff on the web
Checks and cash are all welcome
If you need some, ask mom.

I’m through with this rhyming.
No more, this I swear.
So Happy Chrismahanakwanzaa!
From The Dragon’s Lair!


Next edition is Tuesday, January 6, 2015.
Submit all articles to smokeandscales@gmail.com by COB Friday, January 2.

See you in 2015!